Hi, my name is Kim Gunderson and I am going to attempt to give a "concise" statement of how we got to where we are with this journey God has called us on.  My husband, Cliff, and I have been together since May 1975, and our Heavenly Father has blessed us with two amazing miracle children, Danielle and Shawn.  During our lifetime together, we have been faced with many challenges (including Cliff's heart transplant, loss of our mothers, etc.), trials and heartaches, along with a lot of fun times and times of rejoicing.  As we look back over the years, we realize now that the Lord brought us through everything as preparation and learning for the journey he has us on now. 

Our Good Shepherd Ministries began in June 2011 in the hearts of my husband and I when we started stopping, talking and really listening to the homeless on the streets of New Orleans.  The Lord broke both of our hearts the way His breaks for the "least of these".  We decided we were going to do our part in eliminating the pain and suffering in these precious people one person at a time.  And, it started out that way where the Lord would place someone in our path that we could help with a meal, furniture, bicycle, or just encouragement.  As time went on, we would find we were taking care of a couple at a time and then a few at a time.  We came to understand that the Lord was leading us to help more people at a time and He was also providing the way to do so.  In October 2013, we began our monthly feeding outreaches.  You can read the details and miracles during these outreaches in the "Past Events" page.  On January 3, 2014, I finally answered the call the Lord kept putting on my heart for about a year to leave my full-time job and lead this ministry full time.  We finally decided to make Our Good Shepherd Ministries official and filed our Articles of Incorporation with the State of Louisiana on February 11, 2014.   We received our IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status in December 2014.

This is our story in a "concise" version.  We are enjoying every step of the journey being God's Hands & Feet and learning to trust in and depend on Him every step of the way.  To God be the Glory!!