April 2014 Outreach

Our Easter feeding outreach this past weekend was absolutely amazing!! They just get better and better every month--and the homeless seem to be increasing.  It was a little difficult trying to get an estimate on how many we fed--I had counted plates/bowls before leaving and again when I got home.  We were missing 200 plates and 104 bowls--we are guesstimating that we probably fed a little over 200 people.  We do offer unlimited refills until the food is gone so they do make return trips, which they LOVE! 


We had about 40 volunteers and served the following food (from what I can remember):  lasagna, red beans & rice, jambalaya, chicken & pasta, some amazing bistro sandwiches, salad, potato salad, pizza, sweet potato casserole, fried chicken, fresh fruit, berry cobbler, lots of sweets, bread and drinks!! We started out setting up the food on 2 tables and then had to move in another!!  The food just kept coming.


We also added a table of clothes, shoes, etc. which was passed out in an organized way and this worked out VERY well!! Thanks to the volunteers that help organize that and made a chaotic situation turn out to be very well done!!  This was a huge success and will continue doing this.


We were able to share that Sunday was the day of Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem and most of our guests when asked what day it was they responded with "Palm Sunday".  We also shared Easter story with guests on a one-on-one basis while they were eating.



A huge "THANK YOU" to all of you that participated in one way or another!!!  As we have said time and time again, we could not do this without all of you.  The Lord has given us this privilege of serving his precious people, but He has also provided us with some amazing friends that work with us to make it happen!!!  We love all of you!