Easter Miracle for Single Mom & Son

The Lord put a single mom and her son in our path in the New Orleans area in early April.  They had been living in a shelter until they were placed into an apartment.  They had a place to live; however, they had nothing to put into the apartment.  We were able to deliver a dinette set and queen size mattress to sleep on when we first met them.  When we walked into their apartment for the first time, there was nothing in there except a box that contained a blanket and couple of throw pillows for them to sleep on the floor with.  We went home that evening and I sent out a mass email to everyone I know telling them about this family in need.  Responses started coming back immediately.  Easter was the following weekend.  During that week, we collected furniture, household items, and all sorts of stuff for this family.  On Easter morning, we were able to take an entire truck and trailer load of things to them-see pictures.  We cannot tell you how appreciative this family was--they were so grateful of how God used strangers to help them -- and this is going to not only impact the mom, but we can't even imagine the impact it made on her 13-year old son yesterday and the years to come -- to really understand how God used people that didn't know them to help him and his mom through their times of need. This young family are believers and they understand that it was their faith and trust in their Lord that provided for them through people they did not know and that He is seeing them through this time of need.  We are so privileged for God to allow us to be His Hands and Feet on this earth to help his precious people in need.