August 2014 Feeding Outreach

Praise God for His Faithfulness!! He showed up once again!  Despite the City of New Orleans' evicting the homeless from under the interstate bridges where we normally serve our feeding outreach and barricading the area so we could not enter into it, we were able to go on a side street around the corner and served about 111 homeless.  We set up our tables to place the food on and a few of us hit the streets to let everyone in the area know about the outreach.  We had a couple of homeless people on bicycles who rode around to spread the word and the masses came. 

This ministry has been blessed with the most amazing volunteers -- they waited until the last minute (lateSaturday evening) before we had the go ahead to have the outreach b/c of a need to find a new location.  Despite the delays, we had 25 volunteers whip up the following menu to serve:  muffalettas, potato salad, fruit salad, red beans & rice, roast beef in gravy & rice, cornbread, lentils, lasagna, lots of desserts, drinks, bread, fruit, mac & cheese, etc.  It was a meal fit for a king!!!  We were unable to set up the tables/chairs for our guests to sit on so they had to find places to sit and talk as you can see in the various pictures.  It was an awesome time together!  And God held the rain off until we cleaned up and were on our way home!

We want to thank our volunteers from the bottom of our hearts and can't express our gratitude enough for being patient and waiting to get the final answer on the outreach and still showing up and bringing such delicious food!!!  We also want to thank all of you who had this outreach in prayer -- that was a major part in it being a success!

This event proved to us that if you will face adversity head on and not give up, our Faithful Heavenly Father will show up big time and make the crooked paths straight.  Cliff & I will be going to New Orleans to find another location to have our September outreach so that we can sit the tables/chairs out.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in this outreach by prayer, serving and in any other way.  We love you!!