Children Blessed with Toys at Christmas


We want to thank everyone that joined in to bless a lot of children at Christmas through our ministry.  We helped with two events this Christmas to reach out to families that would not have had a Christmas for their children if it would not have been for the generosity of a lot of our volunteers. 

The first event was when we teamed up with New Life Ministries in Loranger who we had met with a few weeks before Christmas.  They were telling us about a Christmas event they planned to have the Monday before Christmas.  They had the food and program planned, but they were in need of toys.  This is where we were able to team up -- back in the spring, a family had given us a truckload and a half of toys that were very slightly used and a lot still in boxes, never opened.  We stored them and was hoping to pass them out for Christmas to families in need.  As December approached, we prayed for an opportunity to use these toys to bless families in need.  Then, we were connected with Duncan from Loranger and he told us his story about the program and the need for toys.  WOW! What an answer to prayer.  We not only teamed up to help these families, but we also met Duncan and his group and our ministries can now work together in helping people.  God is amazing how He connects us all together.  The first two pictures below are from the event where the children and their families were served with hot dogs & chili, the Christmas story, and toys!! 

The second event was the Adopt a Child for Christmas that we held.  We had 4 families with a total of 19 children to bless this Christmas.  We had obtained the children's wish list for Christmas which I passed along.  Every one of the children were adopted and their wish lists were filled over and beyond what they had wished for!!  We thank everyone of you that helped make these wishes come true and also helping the parents bring Christmas to their children.  The last picture below shows all the toys that filled our living room before we passed them out to the families.

Cliff and I want to thank everyone again for their prayers, generosity and everything you help us with in this ministry God has placed in our hands.  We could not do the things we are doing without all of you helping us out.  And we thank our Amazing God for allowing us the privilege to serve Him and His people.

To God be the Glory!!