Christmas 2014 Feeding Outreach

Happy New Year!! 

We wanted to give everyone an update on the Christmas Homeless Feeding Outreach which was held Christmas morning in New Orleans.  It was an amazing day with gorgeous weather, delicious food and lots of fellowship!!  We had over 60 volunteers show up with the main course of chili and crackers, along with other great food and desserts.  We served OVER 200 homeless people!!!  And also had presents for everyone. 

We also had a table where prescription glasses were given out to those who needed them.  Everyone that picked up a pair of glasses also received a book of Psalm 91 which they actually used to find the right pair of glasses.  One of the miracles of this morning came from this area:  all the glasses had been given out except for one pair left.  A gentleman walked up to the table and asked if there were any more glasses b/c he needed a pair really bad.  Our daughter who was at this table, told him there was only 1 pair of glasses left, but the right lens was a 2.5 strength and the left lens had no corrective lens in it.  It was just glass.  He told her that it was a perfect pair for him b/c his LEFT EYE WAS A GLASS EYE AND HE DIDN'T NEED A CORRECTIVE LENS FOR IT!!!!!  He tried the pair on and the 2.5 strength was what he needed for his right eye!  Only God would know this man would need this last pair of glasses!!!  It is amazing to see the miracles God places before us. 

We want to thank everyone that showed up that morning to share such a wonderful celebration with the least of these.  Everyone there was so grateful for the volunteers giving up Christmas morning with their families to come and share it with them.  And, to see the young volunteers sharing and giving with love and warm smiles to these hurting people just warms our hearts.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you so much!!  We have the best volunteers in all the earth!!!

Below are a few of the pictures from that morning.  We will be putting all the pictures on the website by the weekend so you can go there and see the rest of the pictures. 

We can't wait to see what God is going to do in and through all of us in 2015!!!!